1. some memorable scenes from the eejanaika music video :)


  2. nakajima kento really likes to imitate yuzu. lol he does it every week on sexy zone channel.

    けんとゆづのこと好きだなー 毎週してるよ 笑

  3. WC 2014 Gala Practice

    oh gosh <3

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  4. rinkwatchers:


    From: http://otakumode.com/fb/14U

    wow. thats amazing.



  5. Reblog this if you’re an Eighter.




    Love all of them!

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  6. fuckyeahyoko:

    SO CUTE ♥

    Yoko’s legs are actually tanned.

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  7. sexy zone does it again, this time with kikuchi fuma! copying yuzu again!

    セクゾゆづ好きだな♥ またまねしてるw

  8. nonchan1023:

    Yeahhh I met someone I met online hahaha :D

    Yes. I thought it was so sketchy but we actually had mutual friends and i found you on fb so i knew you actually existed. lol. and i kinda stalked you on fb so i knew what you looked like plus we chat everyday. 

    I’m gonna get on that shinkansen soon to see you again!


  9. yozora-wo-kakeru asked: /post/79755700756/sexy-zones-nakajima-kento-imitating-yuzu-when-he << i want to watch this episode! これどの番組からですか?それと、いつのエピソードですか?ありがとうございます!超面白い

    it’s from the nottv sexy zone channel. just search for “sexy zone channel” on dailymotion.

    I was wondering if you are the person who posted the pic on fb without credits… feel free to use them, but pls credit :)